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Dear Sir or Madam,

I Chevelle Henry a past student of the St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School am Requesting a scholarship or donations in aid of completing my study of Business at the Moneague College.

I have an inclination for studying business as it is my greatest and most sincere aspiration to become a Public Relations Manager. I am a first-class communicator, a good team player and a skilled project manager, with excellent analytic and creative skills. With the possession of these traits there is no career as befitting to me like a Public Relation Manager, as many of these qualities are esteemed by persons in marketing.

After the completion of my secondary education, I was equipped with achievements such as being the Secretary for the Inter-School Christian Fellowship Club, being the Public Relations Officer for the Rangers Club and I also served as a Student Council Representative. I was awarded for continued academic excellence in English Language, Social Studies, Food Health & Nutrition and Principles of Business, four of the eight subjects I pursued at the secondary level.

My interest follows rendering voluntary services as it endows me with valuable experiences. I rendered service such as this at the Bryan’s Book Store in Ocho Rios, which helped me to gain first hand experience of customer service which now acts as a solid foundation in my preparation of becoming the Best Public Relations Officer. I currently hold the position of the Youth Assistant President in my church where I am improving my leadership qualities will offering voluntary service in and around my community.

If I am given the help needed to pursue my career path as a Public Relations Officer it is indeed a surety that I will be the most outstanding Female Public Relations Officer. With your help great things will be achieved.

I can be recommended if needs be. Thanks for considering my letter of request.

Yours Sincerely

Chevelle Henry