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The yoga retreat runs from 7 days or 10 days (optional)

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Chyna Whyne & Portia Haynes the founders of HEAL YOUR LIFE YOGA RETREAT in the Sunny Caribbean island of Jamaica, created the retreat out of desire to connect with healing, rejuvenation of the Inner Body, Mind, Soul, Spiritual Growth and Self Love. That brings Women and Men together from around the world to experience the discovery of inner self a transformation of life. Heal and renovate your life using Kemetic Yoga with Chyna Whyne and heal the body through food by Portia Haynes. The perfect intimate retreat that accommodates four to eight persons over two properties. The retreat is a quaint hidden gem waiting to be discovered. We also document by filming your entire progress once you have given your consent, so that you and others can see your transformation.

We pride ourselves in offering you an intimate life transforming experiences designed to inspire moments of optimism, happiness, and healing. Journey with us and remember your life’s purpose. Return to the roots of your nature, raise your vibration in the warmth of the sun and the divine atmosphere of the tropics. Be revitalized by its fresh and abundant natural earth, and let your body awaken to the heart beat and the good vibrations of a powerful yoga practice. Embrace optimum healthy eating and engage with live food demonstrations, tranquillity, total rejuvenation with Kemetic Yoga, which is an ancient healing practice that connects us with mind, body and spirit. The Alexander Technique and much more. Whether this is the beginning of your journey or been practicing for numerous years. Let HEAL YOUR LIFE YOGA guide you to your inner light.

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