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Mastering The Art Of Wearing High Heels



Walking In Stilettos has devised a unique and flexible programme of workshops and exercise classes to enable you to achieve your dream to walk with confidence, ease and poise in your stilettos.


Our approach re-educates your body to align with good posture through the Alexander Technique. It teaches you how to walk safely and with style.


Whether you want to look utterly captivating walking down the aisle on your wedding day, make a powerful impression during a business deal or just look as gorgeous and relaxed at the end of Saturday night as you did at the beginning, our workshops will teach you to take your first steps to absolute confidence in yourself – inside and out.


The Walking in Stilettos five week course instils life-confidence in you and your stilettos wearing wherever you may be: arriving at a restaurant, stepping from a car, walking upstairs, down a red carpet, going to work, along the catwalk or even enjoying a day out at the races. Held weekly, this series of one hour sessions once a week for five weeks teaches you to release your inner goddess, feel spiritually uplifted, physically empowered and blossom with sensual grace and style. Let the power of Alexander Technique transform your posture
  • Week 1 - Alexander lesson - learn how to walk with presence and enter a room with confidence in high heels. Learn how to sit elegantly poised.
  • Week 2 - Alexander Lesson - Learn how to walk elegantly carrying your hand bag without altering your posture.
  • Week 3 - Alexander Lesson - Learn how to walk, and carry your handbag up and down stairs in high heels.
  • Week 4 - Alexander Lesson - Street Walk. Learn to negotiate obstacles with confidence.
  • Week 5 - Alexander Lesson - Learn how to get in and out of a car elegantly. Please allow an extra 3 hours after this lesson for your Ladies Who Luncheon In Heels where you will be chauffeured to lunch to celebrate the end of this course part 1.
Cost : £850.00


Ideal for a group of 6-10 women at a time. Birthday parties, Hen nights, work team building event and a fun evening event for friends. During the workshop you
  • Have an Alexander Lesson to improve your posture
  • Learn feet exercises to strengthen your feet and legs before wearing high heels
  • Learn how to walk, with confidence and elegance in high heels.
  • Learn how to swagga - step out with grace and style in high heels.
Cost : £150.00


For our A-Lister clients we know privacy is paramount. Our one-to-one sessions take place in a relaxed private environment.

Business Women: Do you wear high heels for work? Let Walking in Stilettos take the strain out of your day – specialist workshops for women who are on their feet in stilettos all day – beauty counter staff, high-flying cabin crew, hoteliers and more.

Super Socialites: Do you need to present yourself well at a range of social occasions – from high class cocktail parties to private dinners and days out at the races? If so this programme is just for you.

Blushing Brides: Ensure your walk down the aisle is a fairy-tale – Walking in Stilettos classes and workshops will help you glide like a swan towards your groom with elegance and ease and to stay comfortable in your stilettos throughout your wedding day.

Red Carpet Divas: Are you a celebrity or media personality who wears high heels as part of your public profile? Do you have a fear of falling down? If so, book an exclusive one to one with the High Heel Guru Chyna Whyne, who will help to enhance your public profile in stilettos.

New To Heels: Are you a mother with a daughter ready to step out in stilettos for her prom? Her love of high heels can often be a concern. Let Walking in Stilettos teach your daughter how to walk in high heels with elegance and grace, and prevent the risk of developing poor posture, neck back and shoulder pain in the future.

Trans-Ladies: Do you yearn to walk with femininity and poise? Walking in Stilettos specializes in helping you to explore and step out in your feminine identity with greater confidence and style.

Cost £600.00