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Mastering The Art Of Wearing High Heels

I found the Alexander Technique great. It has helped me to correct my posture when I start to slouch or find myself not sitting correctly on my seating bones. This is very helpful for me because I work in front of a computer 5 days a week, so I often tend to slouch then the Alexander Technique reminds me how I should be sitting.

Romaynes Gordon
Computer Programmer

Love love love it! Yesterday after our phenomenal session for the first in almost 5 years of living in London, a guy stopped me on the escalators to strike up conversation.

Linda Reddy
City Banker

On Tuesday, although my heels were much higher, I walked into the hotel straight and upright and in confidence.

Maltese Diplomat

Chyna’s classes are as much about ‘go girl’ confidence....

Financial Times

Chyna, who teaches the Alexander Technique has perfected a way of wearing high heels.

The Daily Telegraph

I would recommend any bride-to-be to contact Walking in Stilettos - it will make the world of difference!

Sofia Rex

An added bonus is that Chyna taught me how to use my new posture to walk well in high heels.

The Evening Standard

Before I couldn’t walk in very high heels, and my first Walking in Stilettos class was awesome. I now can ‘swagga’ in high heels with confidence, grace and elegance.I highly recommend stilettos classes to any woman, because it has brought out my femininity.

Deon Dixon

I also joined the programme because walking in stilettos would give me more elegance in the way I position my body, and I now I can actually walk in high heels with no problems at all. I can walk gracefully…I can’t believe it!

Glenis King
Social Service Carer

I work in the City and usually wear my trainers to work and change into heels when I get there. I have a drawer full if high heels at work. I always wished that I could be one of those women who could wear heels to and from work. Well, now I am!. I can’t believe how comfortable I feel in high heels now. Still getting used to all of the attention I am getting. Still I don’t mind people admiring me, because I know I walk with ‘swagga’

Sophie Breaks